Our book about the 1920s and our new podcast

We have made good use of our pandemic forced break and have two offers for our guests that show our knowledge and passion.

First is the book "Fassadengeflüster: BERLINER BAUTEN DER WEIMARER REPUBLIK", written by Zeitreisen managing director Arne Krasting.

It was sold out after two months, but since mid-April 2021 the second, expanded edition is available. Our "racing reporter" Arne Krasting has visited the 75 most fascinating buildings of the 1920s - including icons of modernism such as the Shellhaus and the radio tower, but also forgotten gems of avant-garde architecture. He describes the "whisperings of the facades" with photographs by Arne and anecdotal texts. In the process, a time-layered portrait emerges as if from puzzle pieces. A recurring point of reference is the television series "Babylon Berlin", to which an extended interview with Uli Hanisch is also devoted. The foreword is by Joseph Hoppe (Berlin Center for Industrial Culture), and there are selected bicycle tours by Christian Tänzler (visitBerlin). You can buy the for €20 plus postage here with us!

The podcast "Goldstaub" (gold dust), launched in September 2020 and continues this year. The founder of the Boheme Sauvage, Else Edelstahl, and Arne Krasting take you on a journey back in time to the dazzling era of the 1920s Weimar Republic. Exciting topics await listeners. The podcast covers the various facets of the Weimar Republic: literature, film, politics, economics, everyday life. The podcast is intended to spark interest and whet the appetite for an exploration of this fascinating era. The first episodes are devoted to the legendary nightlife in Berlin, personal hygiene and bathing culture, the Spanish flu, and the transition from silent to talkies. In a special episode, the German TV series "Babylon Berlin" will be presented in detail in conversations with the directors. Planned are episodes on traffic, school and education, music, dance and much more.

Please feel free to contact us.
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