The Babylon Berlin Tour. On the tracks of Gereon Rath. (half day tour)

We are partner of the TV series "Babylon Berlin"

This tour is in German language.

After bestselling author Volker Kutscher has already conquered an audience of millions with his Gereon Rath thrillers, the series about the most exciting city of the 1920s is now inspiring the whole world. The spectacular TV event was filmed at numerous locations in Berlin, e.g. Alexanderplatz, Rotes Rathaus or Rathaus Schöneberg.

On our three-hour walking tour we explore the some of the best of those locations and take you into the world of the fictional character Gereon Rath. On iPads at location, we show exclusive film clips from the series and fascinating original footage from the 1920s.

Hear from us the background stories about the film shoot, the actors and the 20s in Berlin.

Become part of the fascinating world of "Babylon Berlin" and travel back in time into the late Weimar Republic.

The tour mainly takes place in Berlin-Mitte between Prenzlauer Berg and ends at S-Bahn station Friedrichstraße (NOTE: Public transport (BVG) ticket required).

The tour is (almost always) moderated by Arne Krasting, historian and expert on the Weimar Republic - as well as contributor to season 3 of Babylon Berlin.

Movie City West Berlin

This new movie tour looks exclusively at the former West-Berlin.

Dive into the cinematic history of the city surrounded by the wall. Well known classics, current productions, as well as weird outliers make this tour a true gem in our portfolio.

You will see People on Sunday’ flirting, and ‘Christiane F.’ losing her way, the gas station where the ‘Teenage Wolfpack’ (‘Die Halbstarken’) spent their time, where Paris really is located in ‘The Monuments Men’, where ‘Inglourious Basterds’ eat apple strudel, or what ‘Spring in Berlin’ looked like in 1957. Starting with ‘Emil and the Detectives’, to ‘Run Lola, run’, and ‘Mocking Jay’, they all were in West Berlin and will show you the locations.

You will see great cinematic moments and movie stars like Michael Caine, Brad Pitt and George Clooney.

Foodweek 2020 Special - Culinary bus tours into the twenties

For the first time we are a partner of Berlin Foodweek.

In keeping with the motto "The Great Tasty", we will take you back to the twenties with two culinary tours. Where and how did people eat and celebrate in Berlin in the wild years? Which places have survived to this day? What was on the plates of the Berliners? We try Berlin specialties, classic or newly interpreted. The tour offers fascinating insights into the everyday life of the Weimar Republic - not only culinary. The tours are moderated by Arne Krasting, historian and contributor to the series "Babylon Berlin". Historical film clips, shown in the bus on the way to the stations, are another highlight on our journey through time.

Tour "New Berlin"

The salon of a silent movie star, a shop designed by a Bauhaus artist, two special traditional pubs and a bar: These are the stations of our culinary journey through time in the "New Berlin". The New West, that was the area around the Memorial Chruch in those days. This is where the nightlife pulsated, there were restaurants for every taste and every budget. Exciting stories from this turbulent time await us. Culinary we will get to know some classics of the Berlin cuisine, but partly in an unusual presentation. You can look forward to ingredients from the Hunger Tower, Berlin tapas, the city's most delicious Berlin white wine and much more.

Tour "Old Berlin"

A ballroom with old table telephones, a distillery of the century, a spirits factory, the tenth of all Berlin market halls, a traditional restaurant and a bar. Our tour through "old Berlin" is mainly in the Mitte district. Here was the centre of the tourist life with the big Grand Hotels and especially in the Friedrich street also the amusement with numerous revue theatres or ball houses. But next door was Zille's milieu with its pubs and dives. We will get to know the different milieus, along with stories and anecdotes told by Arne Krasting. In culinary terms, our journey begins with a Berlin soup classic and ends with a typical nightcap. And in between there is a lot more that makes us full and happy.

Vienna Past and Present – Highlights Tour

Vienna you have never seen before!

Our new sightseeing format allows for a descriptive and intensive introduction to Austria’s capital.

Sissi greets from the Schönbrunn Palace, on Ringstraße you can admire the buildings of Vienna’s monarchy, and Johann Strauß’ famous Waltz „Beautiful Blue Danube“can be heard. – On our tour, our guests will become witnesses of important moments in history: The re-organization of Europe during the Vienna Congress, the proclamation of the Austrian State Treaty at the Belvedere, but also Hitler’s speech at the Heldenplatz 1938. Moreover, we will give you an idea of the typical life in the capital – among other locations, we will present the famous Vienna Opera Ball or the coffee house tradition in images and sound. In addition, we will visit the filming locations of well-known movies shot in Vienna.

Experience an impressive sightseeing tour in comfortable buses with additional monitors.

A fascinating combination of sightseeing and multimedia.

Movie City Potsdam

The cinema is at home in Potsdam-Babelsberg.

Our Movie City Potsdam bus tour takes you to the first European film studios and into the great era of German film! Metropolis and The Blue Angel were created here and not far from the studios lived the stars: The villa colony in Neu-Babelsberg was the Little Beverly Hills of the UFA celebrities.

Even today, many film and television stars sunbathe in the current splendour of the new media city Potsdam-Babelsberg. Not only in the studio, but also in Potsdam itself many famous films were shot. Otto Gebühr walks through the gardens of Sanssouci as Old Fritz (King Fredric the Great), Matt Damon is chased through Potsdam in the Bourne Conspiracy and Tom Cruise plays the famous Hitler assassin Count Stauffenberg in the Löwenvilla. On this city tour in Potsdam and Babelbsberg you will experience the most exciting film scenes once again at their original filming locations and take a journey through 100 years of film history!

Movie City Munich

Munich has a lot to offer as a film location...

... and that was already recognised by directors such as Hitchcock, Antonioni, Rossellini, Ophüls and Fassbinder. The videoBustour Movie City Munich goes searching for the film sets of famous movies; these include 'Lola Montez', 'Zur Sache Schätzchen', 'Männer', and 'Sophie Scholl – The Final Days'. At various locations, we show film scenes that were shot on those particular spots. – This is the first tour of its kind in Munich. You can experience the exciting scenery of the Bavarian capital at the original shooting locations of well-known movies as well as on screen.

Relive great moments of cinematic history on our videoBustour.

Munich Past and Present – Highlights Tour

Visit the most important historic locations of Munich’s 850-year-old history.

Photos and film footage bring words to life! On our tour you will meet Lola Montez and Ludwig I. We will stop off in the Bohemian quarter of Schwabing with its beautiful turn-of-the-twentieth-century architecture. At the Königsplatz we follow in the footsteps of mass rallies during the Nazi era, see rare film footage of the destroyed city centre after the Second World War and cheer along with the Olympic Game athletes from 1972.

Join us on a truly historic tour of Munich!

O, how creepy...

This tour is available in German language only.

The reason is that the topic is fairly specifically directed at German audiences. But, if you insist we may be able to show it to your group - possibly with some hiccups, but it'll work - we are professionals!


What creatures did their mischief at the midnight hour? Why were newborns not allowed to be left alone and if so, only with an axe or a Bible under their pillow?

Our guide will show you that even inconspicuous places were not spared from horrible murders on this "gruesome" city tour in Leipzig. If you don't have goose bumps yet, you're guaranteed to get them when you visit the underground walls of the Old City Hall, where you'll be guided past cruel instruments of torture by an expert "jailer".

Highly recommended during the dark season.

This tour includes a visit and a guided tour in the underground vaults of the Leipzig old town hall.

Leipzig - City of Books

In the 18th, 19th and beginning of the 20th century Leipzig was the book metropolis of Germany.

This bus tour traces the footsteps of writers, publishers and printers who once founded Leipzig's reputation as a book city.

Get to know the places where Theodor Mommsen, Erich Kästner or publishers such as Brockhaus and Reclam worked, where the Brandstetter and Interdruck printing works made book history.

Follow the development of the Book Fair from its beginnings to the present day and discover places associated with it. This special city tour opens an important chapter in European cultural history.

In the footsteps of Gereon Rath

Locations of the crime novels by Volker Kutscher.

Join us on a journey through time to Berlin in the late twenties.

Where does Gereon Rath have lunch? Which sights replace the Berlin police headquarters, the "Rote Burg"? How did Alexanderplatz become part of the series? Where were the bodies examined? Our tour takes us into the world of the detective commissioner Gereon Rath at the end of the twenties. Street battles between police and communists, eroticism and drugs without end, a big gap between rich and poor: It is a turbulent time and the city is undergoing radical change. We visit the locations of the novels by Volker Kutscher.

On iPads we play fascinating pictures and films from the twenties and let time come to life.

The tour will be moderated by Arne Krasting, historian and expert of the Weimar Republic.

World history up close - Berlin's centre at a glance

We go on a search for clues in the centre of Berlin.

Berlin is an open-air museum of the 20th century. From the imperial era to the Golden Twenties, National Socialism, the Cold War and the division of the city, and finally to the reunification.

Between Potsdamer Platz and the government quarter you can find scenes from every era. On our walking tour in Berlin's centre we tell dramatic stories and bring the past back to life with images and films on our iPads.

We show where the wildest parties took place in the twenties, where Hitler spent his last days, where the death strip of the Berlin Wall had its greatest extent, and where the first piece of the Wall was removed.

History up close and in your hands.

Movie City Berlin - On the Trails of Famous Movies

Every day new films are made in the streets of Berlin, the city is staged differently.

Directors such as Quentin Tarantino, Tom Tykwer, Steven Spielberg, Roman Polanski and many others appreciate the cinematic qualities of the city.

Berlin is the main actor on this city tour. We go to the locations of famous films, tell exciting background stories and show film excerpts. Included are films like Run Lola Run, One Two Three, Wings Of Desire, Die Legende von Paul und Paula and many more.

The route of the city tour changes constantly, depending on the films presented.

The city of Berlin is full of film locations, so feel free to talk to us about your favourite films.

Divided City - The Berlin Wall and the Cold War

The Berlin Wall fell over 30 years ago.

Less and less reminds us of the time of division. We use the iPads to search for clues. We find the remains of the border fortifications and arrive at scenes of dramatic escapes through the death strip.

The superpowers USA and USSR faced each other directly in Berlin. Some places in Berlin still bear witness to their confrontation, for example Checkpoint Charlie. Also many spies cavorted near the border - we tell their stories.

On this city tour we show pictures and films - at the original locations - which partly originate from private property.

The time of the Cold War is thus once again alive before our eyes.

Hitlers Berlin - The city under the swastika (iPad tour)

1933 Hitler's seizure of power marks the beginning of the darkest chapter in German history.

In May 1945, the struggle for Berlin ends the National Socialist rule and the Second World War in Europe. Our city tour of Hitler's Berlin provides unique insights into the time of National Socialism.

In addition to Göring's Reich Aviation Ministry and Goebbels Propaganda Ministry, the tour take you to other still visible traces of Nazis in Berlin. Various places of remembrance such as the Holocaust Memorial are also on our route.

Many of the monumental buildings from the Third Reich no longer exist. With the help of our video clips you will get an impression of the Reich Chancellery and the Führer bunker and the state of destroyed Berlin in summer 1945.

A culinary journey through time - Berlin's indulgent stories

Berlin cuisine - there's more than just currywurst and kebab.

The German capital is the epicentre of new culinary ideas. Streetfood, slowfood, fusion food are the magic words. The influence of immigrants often adds new accents to Berlin cuisine. On our culinary journey through time, we want to enjoy the present as well as look into the exciting past.

Especially Kreuzberg as a true melting pot is well suited for this. We start our tour at a historical market hall. Formerly called "Belly of the City", an eldorado for indulgence has developed here in recent years. A return to traditions and old crafts can be found here as well as the best bread of Kreuzberg - baked by an Italian historian.

We try imports from Arab countries, listen to stories about the introduction of the potato and the invention of curry sausage and kebab, and get involved in one of the biggest culinary sins. It is always about the inhabitants of Kreuzberg 36 - because they have shaped the district and its food for almost two centuries.

Enjoy our culinary time travel through Kreuzberg!

Movie City Hamburg - On the trail of famous films

Philip Seymour Hoffmann fights his way through the Silbersack bar, Armin Rohde walks naked along the Reeperbahn,

...Hans Albers unpacks his accordion in the Hippodrome and Diane Krüger despairing in Hein-Hoyer-Straße. For decades the so called 'Kiez' has been Hamburg's most popular film backdrop next to the harbour, and filmmakers are almost magically drawn to the red light district. The St. Pauli film is now regarded as a genre in its own right. Criminal and erotic, tragic and funny: the range of films is wide.

Our two-and-a-half-hour tour goes in search of clues. The aim is to find the locations for well-known feature films shot in St. Pauli. These include old classics from the 60s and 70s as well as new films, like "Der Goldene Handschuh" by Fatih Akin, whose shooting has just been completed. A special focus is therefore also on the films of Fatih Akin, who has shot several times in St. Pauli since his feature film debut "Kurz und Schmerzlos".

The special feature of the tour is that every guest gets an iPad on which the appropriate film clips are played at the appropriate locations and commented on by the guide. The tour will be moderated by Arne Krasting, historian and founder of the company videoSightseeing. A representative of the Film Commission will provide additional information on film funding.

The tour ends with a magnificent view from the bar of the Hotel Empire Riverside.

Divided City – The Berlin Wall 1961-1989

On our videoBustour ‘Divided City – The Berlin Wall 1961-1989’, we look back at the wall and its fall. Film footage, photographs and audio material relating to the building of the wall, living with the wall, the ‘Peaceful Revolution’, and the fall of the wall are shown at the original locations and are elucidated by our guides.

Experience the dramatic events leading up to the autumn of 1989 like you never have before.

Leipzig - 1000 years in 2 hours

1000 years ago Leipzig was first mentioned in the chronicle of Thietmar von Merseburg.

We take this event as an opportunity to undertake a special sightseeing tour through the 1000 year history of Leipzig.

Long disappeared castles, mighty city gates or also splendid baroque gardens become visible again with our historical pictures on the monitors in the bus. During the bus tour through the modern city of Leipzig, the development of the city can be understood by comparing the past with the present.

The picture is completed by the concluding museum visit, the anniversary exhibition "In urbe Libzi vocata" in the new building of the City History Museum.

The Peaceful Revolution 1989

Leipzig and a Moment of World History.

On 9 November 1989, the Berlin Wall fell! What happened in Berlin – and moved the world – began in Leipzig with the Peaceful Revolution. Who were the people that brought a dictatorship to its knees with a peaceful protest? What were the causes that brought about the end of the first ‘workers’ and farmers’ state on German soil’ – what was it in fact?

A breathtaking voyage of discovery in images takes you through the history of Leipzig from 1945 till 1990 and shows everyday life in a city of the GDR. Military parades and state-celebrated trade fairs, crumbling apartment buildings and environmental catastrophes brushed under the carpet, world-renowned music and popular culture: at the historic locations of historic events we follow in the footsteps of the demonstrators on their way to the Peaceful Revolution of 1989.

Leipzig - 850 years of markets, fairs and weird things

"Where's the trade fair?"

According to the anecdote, a woman from Leipzig answered this question with "the fair is everywhere around us".

On our sightseeing tour of the 850th anniversary of the Leipzig trade fair, we will see that she was absolutely right.

Because not only the old and new exhibition grounds are connected with the trade and the merchants. But also the trading yards and fair palaces at the city centre are, the Roßplatz, Apels Garten or the Waldstraßenviertel. The sightseeing tour proves that 850 years of trade fairs in Leipzig are a success story.

Join us on an extraordinary journey through time in the videoBustour and get to know Leipzig in impressive pictures!

Fairs, Fashion, Shortages - Everyday Culture in the GDR

Leipzig as one of the oldest and best-known trade fair cities in Germany tried after 1945 to continue its pre-war fame.

How did the city present itself to trade fair visitors on the one hand, and what everyday problems did its inhabitants have to contend with on the other?

What is special about this city tour is our focus on one aspect of life: fashion. We use this theme as an example to show that despite innovative approaches such as the Leipzig mail-order company, the chic fashion shows, e.g. in the Ringmessehaus, the hundreds of women workers in the textile factories were constantly lacking in modern and wearable clothing. The resulting dissatisfaction is one of many pieces of mosaic that together give a picture of daily life in the GDR.

Potsdam Past and Present – Highlights Tour

Experience the history of Potsdam anew on this multimedia bus tour - our journey through time in Potsdam.

Let the "Old Fritz" guide you through his castles and admire one of the numerous parades in front of the Marstall. Travel with us to the year 1945, when the world was redivided at the Potsdam Conference: World history up close.

Feel again the tension of the agents at the Glienicke Bridge shortly before their exchange - and look forward to the fall of the Berlin Wall on 9 November. And with pictures of the new building of the City Palace we look into the future!

The Official Babylon Berlin Tour

On our official Babylon Berlin tour, we will visit the locations of the series, view several locations from the inside and travel back to the year 1929!

Zeitreisen is official partner of "Babylon Berlin", the TV event of the year.

After bestselling author Volker Kutscher has already conquered an audience of millions with his Gereon Rath thrillers, the series is now enthusing the whole world about the most exciting city of the twenties. The spectacular TV event was filmed at numerous original locations in Berlin, e.g. Alexanderplatz, Rotes Rathaus or Rathaus Schöneberg.

Our official Babylon Berlin bus tour is the perfect tour for lovers of the twenties, for fans of the series or the books, but also for guests who are interested in fascinating stories from the time and "Sex and Crime" in old Berlin. We would also be happy to adapt the tour according to your wishes.

Several locations of the series will be visited, if desired with interior visits and small extras, such as a champagne reception or catering at one of the locations. But also original locations of the time are part of the tours. On large monitors in the bus we show excerpts of the series and exciting film documents from the twenties.

Join us on a time travel to the year 1929, to the world of the series' hero Gereon Rath and Babylon Berlin!

Berlin Past and Present – Highlights Tour

Berlin was – and is – a centre of German and European history.

Berlin was – and is – a centre of German and European history. Travel back in time to the most important moments of the city’s past with this videoBustour. Kaiser Wilhelm II waves to the masses from the balcony of his Berlin city palace; the crowds hail Hitler in front of the new Reich Chancellery; the Berlin Wall is built and falls at the Brandenburg Gate; Potsdamer Square is built and the former Federal Chancellery (Angela Merkel's office) reveals its most secret rooms!

One of the following themes can also be selected as a focus of the tour:

Dance on the Volcano: The Golden 20s

The 1920s are – like no other decade – closely linked to Berlin.

Myths surround the so called ‘Golden Twenties’ and shape our image of Berlin until today. Join us on a travel back in time to the glamorous and wild Berlin. Josephine Baker will dance again in the Wintergarten vaudeville theatre; traffic surrounds the old traffic light tower at Potsdamer Platz; Hindenburg marches to the Reichstag once again; and Marlene Dietrich starts her acting career all over.

Our tour will pass the Babylon cinema, the Volksbühne (theatre), the Admiralspalast, the Newspaper quarter, Kurfürstendamm and the government quarter.

Berlin - Capital of Crime (Crime Tour)

The biggest safe crackers and the most serious arson, the most sympathetic blackmailer and the longest murder trial.

Berlin is also a city of superlatives in the world of crime. On the new city tour 'Capital of Crime', guests can look forward to a journey through time in criminal Berlin.

The tour leads past the scenes of famous criminal cases between the elegant Kudamm and the infamous Scheunenviertel. She resurrects the "Chicago of Berlin" and tells of criminals and those who hunted them, e.g. the legendary murder commissioner Erich Gennat.

On several monitors in the bus, films illustrate the history and stories of the crime in Berlin and are presented live.

This city tour in Berlin offers an exciting opportunity to rediscover well-known sights and hidden places.

Movie City Berlin

Berlin is booming as a film location.

Take a ride on our videoBus to the film sets and locations of famous films shot in Berlin. You can watch clips from films like ‘The Legend of Paul and Paula’, ‘Run Lola Run’ and ‘Goodbye Lenin’ at the actual shooting locations. We’ll show you the greatest moments from Berlin’s cinematic history!

Capital of Revolt - The 1968 Movement

Tour on behalf of the Federal Agency for Civic Education.

Fifty years ago, student protests began at Freie Universität in Berlin against nuclear armament, the Vietnam War, and traditional university structures. Berlin subsequently became the stronghold of the student revolt, the secret "capital" of the 1968 movement. Benno Ohnesorg was shot here, the great Vietnam Congress took place here, the commune lived here, Rudi Dutschke worked here - and the radicalization of the movement towards left-wing terrorism started here. The 68er represent in different respects a watershed in the history of the Federal Republic of Germany, which can be felt until today.

Federal Agency for Civic Education

On behalf of the Federal Agency for Civic Education we offer a multimedia city tour of the 68er movement. Our tour "Capital of Revolt" takes you to the key locations and original scenes of the events. Stops include the Technical University, the Amerikahaus, the Deutsche Oper, the Freie Universität, and the Rathaus Schöneberg. In addition to the student movement and the APO, the tour also focuses on the attitude to life of the time, the actions of the fun guerrillas, the special relationship to the US, the beginning of the women's rights movement, and the path to violence and terror.

Film documents

On additional monitors in the bus, we show fascinating and some until now never published film documents, which vividly convey this formative time.

School classes and educational groups

The city tour is sponsored by the Federal Agency for Civic Education. It is aimed primarily at school classes and other educational groups, but may also be booked by interested groups.

Hitler’s Berlin – The City und der the Swastika

80 years ago, the National Socialists took over the power in Germany.

The tour covers the way to their power, the broadening of the Regime of Terror and the path to the downfall of the German Reich. We will pass visible and no-longer existent traces of the National Socialist’s regime. Some buildings of the Third Reich are still standing, such as Hermann Göring’s Reichsluftfahrtministerium (Ministry of Aviation) , Joseph Goebbel’s Propagandaministerium (Ministry of Propaganda), the Reich Bank or the Tempelhof Airport.

On our tour, we will also see the places of persecution like the former SA prison in Papestraße – here we will visit the prison chambers in the cellar. Other buildings have vanished from the city’s surface, like the Reichskanzlei (Reich Chancellery) and the bunker of the Führer, as well as basically the whole of Wilhelmstraße, the former power center of the National Socialists.

Dresden Past and Present – Highlights Tour

Florence of the Elbe, the Canaletto view, the City Palace, the Semper Opera and the Zwinger, the Frauenkriche and the Brühl Terrace

Wherever you look, there is famous beauty and fascinating history at the heart of Saxony! Follow us on the tracks of August the Strong through the baroque Dresden, see how the metropolis on the river Elbe grew in historic film footage and presentations, and see how it went down in massive fire storms.

On our trip through time we will meet world-renowned artists and important places of science, we will get to know fair men who survived horrid times and see the resurrection of one of the most beautiful cities of the world.

Hamburg Past and Present – the Multimedia Tour

Hamburg has been one of Europe’s most important trading cities since the Middle Ages and is still constantly reinventing itself. Take a multimedia journey with us through time and experience Hamburg from a completely new perspective.
We show you things that even locals don’t know. Discover more about the founding, day-to-day business and aftermath of the powerful Hanseatic League, the Great Fire of 1842 and the firestorm of 1943. Meet the German Emperor at the Michel Church and the Beatles on the Reeperbahn, and enjoy the newly developed HafenCity

Movie City Hamburg

Hamburg can look back on a long and varied cinematic history.

From classics such as 'Große Freiheit Nr. 7' filmed during the Second World War, cult films like 'Absolute Giganten' and international hits such as ‘Tomorrow Never Dies’, through to films by Hamburg-born Turkish director Fatih Akin: it is the diversity of the city that inspires film-makers.

The videoBustour takes you to the locations where well-known and lesser-known films were shot. On the tour you will also encounter stars such as Hans Albers, Heinz Rühmann, Pierce Brosnan, Keira Knightley and Moritz Bleibtreu! On screen we show film excerpts shot in the locations we visit and tell fascinating stories about the movie city Hamburg.

Cologne Past and Present – Highlights Tour

Ancient Romans, medieval churches, and German carnival.

The videoBustour takes you on a colorful and informative journey through the history of Cologne – from Roman times to the present day. We will drive along the old city wall, explore the dimensions of Germany’s largest medieval city on our on-board monitors and will have the opportunity to see the Shrine of the Three Kings in Cologne Cathedral. However, we will also introduce you to peculiarities of Cologne and its inhabitants. What does the term 'Halver Hahn' refer to? How long has the carnival been celebrated and why has a billy goat become a celebrity in Cologne?

Discover Cologne from a new perspective!

Fascinating Water Worlds - Neuseenland & asisi Panometer

Huge opencast mines shaped the landscape.

In the south of Leipzig the energy supplier of the GDR par excellence was mined for many decades - brown coal. The video bus tour shows the transformation of the lunar landscape into the popular local recreation area Neuseenland!

Discover with us what life is like in, on and around the water.

Following on from this, you will dive into the sea of flowers of a local garden in the Panometer. Spectacular, because that happens from the view of a bee. Our guide will show you the known but also the unknown side of the local flora.

The sightseeing tour lasts about 1.5 hours and then we accompany you for about half an hour to the Panometer Leipzig. There you can stay as long as you like. The tickets are valid for both together.

Leipzig Past and Present – Highlights Tour

On the videoBustour you can take a look behind the scenes of this fascinating city.

We bring history to life, glimpse into the future, and provide an insider view of the present. Travel back in time to the medieval trading town on the River Pleisse that became known as ‘Little Paris’ in the 18th century. Here, most crucial battles of the Napoleonic Wars were fought. Be surprised by Leipzig’s abundance of beautiful architecture – both old and new – that has given the city its distinctive face.

Today, Leipzig is booming again both economically and culturally. The city is home to Europe’s biggest railway terminus and it is here where the 'Peaceful Revolution' of 1989 began.

Join us on an unusual trip back in time with the videoBustour and get to know Leipzig through impressive photographic images and film footage.

Neuseenland & Panometer Leipzig (One ticket for two events)

Huge opencast mines shaped the landscape.

In the south of Leipzig the energy supplier of the GDR par excellence was mined for many decades - brown coal. The multimedia bus tour shows the transformation of the lunar landscape into the popular local recreation area Neuseenland (New Lakes Land)!

Discover with us what life is like in, on and around the water. The reference to the technical achievements which are necessary for the extraction of lignite as well as for the recultivation of the landscape is also exciting.

Following on from this, the panorama of the Titanic by the artist Yadegar Asisi raises the question of whether the quest for ever new and more modern techniques is really good. Our guide will show you exciting details of the once magnificent passenger ship, which is now slumbering in the Atlantic Ocean at a depth of 3800 metres.

The city tour lasts about 1.5 hours and after that we will accompany you for about half an hour to the asisi Panometer. There you can stay as long as you like. The tickets are valid for both together.

Experience the fascinating change of a landscape.

Tablet Rallye – Berlin creative with iPads

Your perfect teambuilding for Berlin.

Do you want to discover Berlin as a team? Get to know the many secrets of the capital in a playful and interactive way? Combine exploring the city, creativity and modern technology? Then our Tablet Rallye is the perfect solution.

Please contact us for your individual solution.