A culinary journey through time - Berlin's indulgent stories

Berlin cuisine - there's more than just currywurst and kebab.

The German capital is the epicentre of new culinary ideas. Streetfood, slowfood, fusion food are the magic words. The influence of immigrants often adds new accents to Berlin cuisine. On our culinary journey through time, we want to enjoy the present as well as look into the exciting past.

Especially Kreuzberg as a true melting pot is well suited for this. We start our tour at a historical market hall. Formerly called "Belly of the City", an eldorado for indulgence has developed here in recent years. A return to traditions and old crafts can be found here as well as the best bread of Kreuzberg - baked by an Italian historian.

We try imports from Arab countries, listen to stories about the introduction of the potato and the invention of curry sausage and kebab, and get involved in one of the biggest culinary sins. It is always about the inhabitants of Kreuzberg 36 - because they have shaped the district and its food for almost two centuries.

Enjoy our culinary time travel through Kreuzberg!

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