Foodweek 2020 Special - Culinary bus tours into the twenties

For the first time we are a partner of Berlin Foodweek.

In keeping with the motto "The Great Tasty", we will take you back to the twenties with two culinary tours. Where and how did people eat and celebrate in Berlin in the wild years? Which places have survived to this day? What was on the plates of the Berliners? We try Berlin specialties, classic or newly interpreted. The tour offers fascinating insights into the everyday life of the Weimar Republic - not only culinary. The tours are moderated by Arne Krasting, historian and contributor to the series "Babylon Berlin". Historical film clips, shown in the bus on the way to the stations, are another highlight on our journey through time.

Tour "New Berlin"

The salon of a silent movie star, a shop designed by a Bauhaus artist, two special traditional pubs and a bar: These are the stations of our culinary journey through time in the "New Berlin". The New West, that was the area around the Memorial Chruch in those days. This is where the nightlife pulsated, there were restaurants for every taste and every budget. Exciting stories from this turbulent time await us. Culinary we will get to know some classics of the Berlin cuisine, but partly in an unusual presentation. You can look forward to ingredients from the Hunger Tower, Berlin tapas, the city's most delicious Berlin white wine and much more.

Tour "Old Berlin"

A ballroom with old table telephones, a distillery of the century, a spirits factory, the tenth of all Berlin market halls, a traditional restaurant and a bar. Our tour through "old Berlin" is mainly in the Mitte district. Here was the centre of the tourist life with the big Grand Hotels and especially in the Friedrich street also the amusement with numerous revue theatres or ball houses. But next door was Zille's milieu with its pubs and dives. We will get to know the different milieus, along with stories and anecdotes told by Arne Krasting. In culinary terms, our journey begins with a Berlin soup classic and ends with a typical nightcap. And in between there is a lot more that makes us full and happy.

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