O, how creepy...

This tour is available in German language only.

The reason is that the topic is fairly specifically directed at German audiences. But, if you insist we may be able to show it to your group - possibly with some hiccups, but it'll work - we are professionals!


What creatures did their mischief at the midnight hour? Why were newborns not allowed to be left alone and if so, only with an axe or a Bible under their pillow?

Our guide will show you that even inconspicuous places were not spared from horrible murders on this "gruesome" city tour in Leipzig. If you don't have goose bumps yet, you're guaranteed to get them when you visit the underground walls of the Old City Hall, where you'll be guided past cruel instruments of torture by an expert "jailer".

Highly recommended during the dark season.

This tour includes a visit and a guided tour in the underground vaults of the Leipzig old town hall.

Please feel free to contact us.
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