Vienna Past and Present – Highlights Tour

Vienna you have never seen before!

Our new sightseeing format allows for a descriptive and intensive introduction to Austria’s capital.

Sissi greets from the Schönbrunn Palace, on Ringstraße you can admire the buildings of Vienna’s monarchy, and Johann Strauß’ famous Waltz „Beautiful Blue Danube“can be heard. – On our tour, our guests will become witnesses of important moments in history: The re-organization of Europe during the Vienna Congress, the proclamation of the Austrian State Treaty at the Belvedere, but also Hitler’s speech at the Heldenplatz 1938. Moreover, we will give you an idea of the typical life in the capital – among other locations, we will present the famous Vienna Opera Ball or the coffee house tradition in images and sound. In addition, we will visit the filming locations of well-known movies shot in Vienna.

Experience an impressive sightseeing tour in comfortable buses with additional monitors.

A fascinating combination of sightseeing and multimedia.

Please feel free to contact us.
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